The Rise of Sustainable Values

What are Sustainable* Values in Web3?

What are Sustainable Values in a decentralized world?

  • Reliability of data
  • Knowledge
  • Sustainable production
  • Sure identities
The figure illustrates how each member contributes with its own value to the DAO and can, in return, benefit of the use of all DAO’s values, materialized by the adopted and trusted technologies of the DAO.

How will this work?

Tokenization of Sustainable Values

  1. These Entities (People & Things), wanting to generate sustainable value, come together to collectively observe reality and the problems that limit it. In Web3, problems are solved by allowing the widest possible adoption of values. These are expressed, materialized and made exchangeable thanks to the reliable and sustainable technologies of the Web3 (blockchain, IoT and AI), within an ecosystem of like-minded Entities.
  2. Adopting a shared Sustainable Value and, at the same time, wanting to found it, allows the spontaneous birth of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, governed by its Founding Value by its Founding Members: Sustainable Healthcare, as an example. The Founding Members, in this case, should be any stakeholder in the Healthcare Ecosystem.
  3. The above considerations can be applied to any type of Sustainable Value, identified in its intangible nature.
  4. Those owning and sharing the value of Sustainable Healthcare (the Founders & Members of the DAO), jointly find a solution to any problem arising in their trusted ecosystem (a.k.a. DAO): from the Ethics of the DAO to technological development roadmaps and Treasury. A Sustainable DAO must have a Governance in place: both for the sustainability of the DAO itself and, its Treasury!
  5. The DAO is then legally established and, as first task, will work to provide the white paper describing by means of which technologies the intangible value of Sustainable Healthcare will turn into a, fungible and/or non-fungible, Digital Asset.
  6. Other aspects of the Sustainable Value “trapped” into a Digital Asset to be described within the withe paper, among others, are: its Governance, the Governance of its Treasury (a.k.a. “Tokenomics”), and its technological development plans.
  7. The DAO itself becomes then the Issuer of the Sustainable Healthcare Value, turned, with the help of sustainable technology, into a Digital Asset via a programmable and automatized legally binding agreement between two or more Parties (a.k.a. “Token Smart Contract”).
  8. Private Sales of the Sustainable Healthcare Value will be organized within the Ecosystem, Stakeholders, and related Industries. These initial and private sales of the Value (seed and private), happen at the lowest possible price of the Digital Asset, for those wanting to hold it before it goes public.
  9. Those funds the Issuer will privately get from the acquisition of the Sustainable Healthcare Value by those Stakeholders wanting to own it, will be used to establish the DAO, write the related white paper, create and validate the token Smart Contract, secure the initial expenses of the DAO and then develop those Applications for the DAO, as described in the evolving editions of the white paper.
  10. An important and final aspect to consider, when reading the white paper promoting a Sustainable Value trapped into a Digital Asset, is which technology will be available for the DAO Members (=Sustainable Digital Asset Owners), at Token Generation Event (TGE).

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